The Lost Horizon of the South ~ Camotes Island

Cebu City to Danao

North Bus Terminal, Cebu City

  • Bus going to Danao

Non aircon bus leaves as early as 3:00 am or 4:00 am 

Fare: PHP 70.00

Inform the conductor that you will get off at the Danao Port 

Travel time: 30 minutes to 40 minutes ( depending on the traffic)

  • If you don’t want to travel all the way to Danao, you can also catch a ferry from Cebu Wharf 

Danao Port and Cebu Port Ferry Schedule click

Ocean Jet click

Jomalia Shipping Corporation click

  • Last option: Ouano Wharf at Mandaue City at 11:00 am

Danao to Camotes Island

Jomalai Line

Fare: PHP 200.00 ( tourist / aircon)

PHP 80.00 ( economy)

Terminal Fee: PHP 5.00

Travel time:  hours 


Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort


 Beachfront Room


  • Free pick up to/from Consuelo port
  • They don’t allow early check-in. You can leave your things at the reception area if  while touring the island.
  • Welcome drinks are served upon arrival
  • Resort was well maintained. Staffs were very attentive.
  • The beach front room was spacious and well equip (closet, fridge, coffeemaker, TV, tables and chairs at a veranda) . A few steps from the white sand beach. The room comes with buffet breakfast
  • The receptionist can reserve ferry tickets going back to Danao. 

Cheap accommodation click

Airbnb click

Tour / Motorcycle Rental

Mr. Micheal +6393666684545


PHP 400.00  (motorcycle rental)

PHP 500.00 (with driver)

We recommend him because: 

  • Great driver and tour guide. He is very careful on the road and made sure we were comfortable
  • He can look after your things or  take pictures for you 
  • We told him that we wanted to rest at the resort and asked to pick us up later that evening to visit Santiago Bay, which he did, on time.


Lake Danao

Entrance Fee: PHP 15.00

A guitar shaped lake in the island. You can ride a boat around the lake for a fee of PHP 500.00 and horseback riding for PHP 50.00

or try a local food for PHP 10.00


Bakhaw Beach

Entrance Fee: PHP 10.00

This beach felt secluded and private. There were no people around so you can enjoy it all by yourself. There were cottages for rent. It had a long stretch of white sand and trees by the coast.


Timubo Cave

Entrance Fee: PHP 20.00

An underwater cave in Camotes Island. The entrance looked unattractive but once you get inside the place, it’s the other way around. The cave had a pool with fresh water. The lights were dimmed, perfect for relaxation

The path going to the pool area was dark and slippery. Water were dripping all over the ceiling so make sure you protect your things from getting wet. 


Buho Rock

Entrance Fee: Php 25.00

A place for a stopover or a picnic. This resort is popular for cliff diving or snorkeling. It had a great view of the sea.

There were no lifeguards on site so make sure your driver / tour guide is a good swimmer just in case unforeseen things happen


Santiago Bay

A wide stretch of white sand in the island. A great place to take a walk or enjoy the beach. You can also try some local dishes or buy souvenirs around the area.

View from Santiago Bay Resort


Next to the beach was another popular resort, Santiago Bay Resort. The pool was overlooking the beach surrounded with plants and was next to a restaurant. The food listed on their menu were expensive. Their rooms did not come with breakfast but the price was way cheaper compared to Mangodlong Paradise Resort.

List of places we wanted to visit but wasn’t able to due to limited time:

Bukilat Cave

Timubo Cave

Green Lake park

Other places to visit click


Santiago Bay

Food: PHP 50.00-PHP 120.00/  dish

Fruit juice / smoothies: > PHP 30.00

Best place for dinner, surrounded with local restaurants serving seafood dishes and other Filipino cuisines. The prices were just right and the food was delicious.

Baywalk Local Food Stalls

There are food stalls near the Baywalk trail. They do not have a menu. You can choose the food you want to be grilled, either fish or meat.  They also served ready-made home cooked food if you want a taste of their local dishes.


Food: PHP 10.00PHP 50.00

Drinks: PHP 20.00

Do try the native chicken soup and hanging rice (puso rice).

Other restaurants click

Camotes Island to Cebu City


From Danao port, you need to get a cycle rickshaw (trisikad) PHP 15.00 to the jeep terminal or wait for a bus from the highway.

Jeep to Cebu City: PHP 30.00 ( travel duration depends on the traffic)




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