The Island born of Fire ~ Camiguin Island


For the tour of the Island:

Habal-habal Ride ( motorcycle ) PHP 700.00

Kuya D-Den ~ +639056918113 ( whole day)

Dreamland Beach Resort


Location: Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin, Mambajao, 9100 Camiguin


  • We booked the standard room but they made a mistake of reserving a room good for 4 people. They gave us the room, with the same price as the standard room, because there were no other vacant rooms available on the day we arrived
  • Resort near the beach, had its own swimming pool and near other restaurants.
  • Our room was on the second floor with a veranda. Had 2 queen beds, TV, A/C and H/C shower. Complimentary coffee and water everyday
  • Surroundings were clean and homey


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Going There

Puerto to Balingoan Port

Travel time: 4 hours

Fare: PHP 80.00 / person ( multicab)

Balingoan Port

Travel Time: 1 hour

Fare: PHP 170.00 + PHP 2.00 ( municipality fee) + PHP 2.50.00 ( terminal fee)


More photos click here

Camiguin Island

Benoni Port

~ to Mambajao Town (town center)


  • Jeep PHP 30.00/person
  • Van PHP 60.00/person
  • Other option – DIRECT to your resort – Motorella or Habal-habal: PHP 500.00

~ Mambajao Town to Yumbing ( where most resorts are)

  • Motorella PHP 10.00
  • Habal-habal (motorcycle) PHP 8.00

Fare may double during evening 

More information click here

Places to see

Note: Recommended to have your own vehicle than commuting because public transportation in this Island is inconvenient

Tangub Hot Spring

Location: Shoreline close to the Sunken Cemetery

How to commute from the highway ( Jeep PHP 30.00, Habal-habal  PHP 20.00PHP 30.00/way)

Hot spring beside the highway. Nothing much to see of the said spring but the scenery of the mountain, the beach and its horizon was beautiful.


Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Location: Barangay Bonbon

How to commute (Take a jeep from the highway or from Mambajao going to Barangay Bonbon. You will see this on the left side)

Entrance fee: PHP 20.00

Did not visit this.  There were a couple of souvenir shops in this area, quick look at the at the shops.

Info click here

Sunken Cemetery

Location: Barangay Bonbon Catarman. A few meters after Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

How to commute ( Take a jeep from the highway or from Mambajao going to Barangay Bonbon. You will see the sunken cemetery on your right)

Entrance Fee: None

Boat that will take you to the big cross PHP 25.00/person (maximum of 4 people).

Snorkeling PHP 50.00 pesos


More Photos click here

A great place to see the big cross and take pictures. There were a lot of souvenir shops nearby. Locals will offer you a boat ride to the big cross with a fee.

Guiob Old Church Ruins

Entrance Fee: None

Location: Bonbon Catarman

How to commute (Take a jeep from the highway or from Mambajao going to this ruin. This is located a few meters away from the sunken cemetery)

More photos click here

We were the only visitors that day. Remains after the devastating volcanic eruption that happened years ago in the island. A lot of locals died her so you need to pay your respect by lighting a candle for them.


Soda Swimming pool

Entrance Fee: PHP 30.00/person

Location: Lawigan, Catarman

How to commute ( Take a jeep from the highway or from Mambajao going to Baragay Lawigan. From the highway, take a habalhabal to this resort)


More photos click here

Place packed with locals. People here were eating their lunch or having a picnic. You can rent a cottage for a fee or you can just put your things in a spot where you can see it so you don’t need to pay anything.

Sto.  Nino Cold Spring

Entrance Free:  PHP 30.00

Location: Looc, Catarman 

How to commute (From Mambajao take jeep going to Barangay Looc then habalhabal to this resort)


More photos click here

Packed with locals as well. Souvenir shops located outside the place from different shirts to bracelets to food.

Tips: A caretaker might ask you to pay a fee for the cottage or tables. You can tell him that you are a traveler and you won’t stay long. He will give you the table and chairs for free. 

Tanguines Lagoon

Location: near Benoni Port


More photos click here

A restaurant overlooking the lagoon. Great place to relax after a long tiring tour.


Ardent Hot Spring

Entrance Free: PHP 30.00/person

Location: Barangay  Cantaan

How to commute (From Mambajao, take habalhabal going to this place. 15 minutes from the highway) 


More photos click here

Packed with people. 4 different pools with different temperature to choose from. Great place to relax and unwind.


Entrance Fee: None

Location: Maubog, Balbagaon, Mambajao, Camiguin Island, Camiguin, Camiguin


More pictures click here

They cater backpackers at the same time, showcase artworks from different artists in the island. They sell beautiful masterpieces, souvenir shirts for PHP 200.00 and different paintings. You can also relax or read books from their tree house.

White Island

Boat Rental: PHP 500.00 

Location: 15 to 20 minutes from Camiguin Island


More photos click here

Tell the receptionist of your resort that you want to go to this island to catch the sunset. Bargain for snorkeling gear for as low as PHP 50.00

Travel Guide on the Island click here


Luna Ristorante

More info

Location: Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin, Camiguin Circumferential Rd, Mambajao, Camiguin

Food ( good for 3-4 people) ~ PHP 200 – PHP 300.00 

Smoothies~ PHP 80.00

More photos click here

Highly recommended. One of the best restaurant that offers authentic Italian dishes at the Island




Location: Plaridel Street, Mambajao, Camiguin

Small box  PHP 60.00 

Big box PHP 120.00 

More photos click here


La Isla Cocina and Garden Cafe

Location:  Camiguin Circumferential Road; Mambajao


More photos click here

Spanish-Mexican restaurant but when we check their menu, it did not have any available Spanish cuisines but rather Taiwanese dishes. The prices were expensive.

The outside of the restaurant was very inviting for a cup of coffee or two

Northern Lights Restaurant

Location: Agoho Elementary School, National Highway, Mambajao, Camiguin


More photos click here

A restaurant with a perfect view of the sunset. Though we were not able eat here because they ran out of seafood, the place was well-maintained and the staffs were very courteous.


Checkpoint Restaurant

Location: Yumbing, Circumferential Road, Mambajao, Camiguin, 9100 Camiguin


STAY AWAY FROM THIS RESTAURANT! There is 50 percent of getting food poison in this restaurant. Seafood were not fresh and not delicious. Waste of money.

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Going Home

From Yumbing /Resort to Mambajao

  • Motorella from the highway – tell the driver ” no special trip” and tell him to drop you off to Mambajao’s terminal PHP 8.00/person


From Mambajao to Benoni Port

  • Jeeps / Vans will take you to the Port PHP 30.00 – PHP 70.00

Travel time: 30 minutes


Benoni Port to Macabalan Port of Cagayan de Oro ( the city port)


Benoni Port to Balingoan Port

  • Roro for PHP 170.00/person

Travel time: 1 hour


Balingoan Port to Cagayan de Oro

  • Vans waiting outside the port for PHP 70.00 ( first come first serve policy)

Travel time : 3 hours

  • Drop off is the center city or malls in Cagayan de Oro


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