The Land of thousand Gods ~ Bali, Indonesia – DAY 4

More of Kuta Beach


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Most of the local stores in Kuta beach are not opened until 8:00 am or 9:00 am. Restaurants in Boardwalk are open from 7:00 am but more expensive. 

One of the local stores opened that morning but unfortunately their cook was not yet there so we decided to just eat our free breakfast in our hotel.

Going West

Highway going to the west of the island is often traffic. One wrong turn will take you to an unknown town so all you need to do is just look for the main road or ask the locals

Part of Bali that was far from the city, surrounded by huge houses and expensive villas.

Tanah Lot

Location:  Beraban Village, district of Kediri, sub-province of Tabanan

Entrance: 5,000 Rp ( other blog says 30,000 Rp)

Parking: 2,000 Rp ( half the price of motorcycle, double for buses)


Bali, Indonesia

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The area surrounding the temple is huge. As you sit by the cliff, you will feel fresh breeze from the beach.  You can go down the stairs but with caution. This place is nice for relaxing or even taking a nap if you find a good spot.

There were restaurants and souvenir shops outside the temple. Most of their items were expensive. We ordered avocado smoothies with chocolate syrup that costs 30,000 Rp and water which was 20,000 Rp

Babi Guling Restaurants

Location: Tabanan Highway

Cost: Normal serving ~ 40,000 Rp

Special Serving ( more) ~ 70,000 Rp

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Food was satisfactory. It tasted like the Philippine’s lechon. Great view from the restaurant


Gateways of India

Location: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Prices: Ranging from 25,000 Rp to 125,000 Rp ( Appetizers, Traditional oven cooked, Mutton, Fish, Chicken, Salads, Cheese, Lentils, Yogurt, Rice, Fresh breads, and Sweets)


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Food was very delicious. The restaurant was clean and the service was great. Had a great meal here on our last night in Bali.

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