The Land of thousand Gods ~ Bali, Indonesia – DAY 1


The Oasis Kuta




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( Buffet breakfast and 2 bottles of complimentary water every day. Safety deposit box available inside the room, 2 separated rooms for the toilet and shower, veranda with cushion accessible by a sliding door, a few steps from their  large pool. 5 minutes walk to Kuta Beach)

Book rooms via because it is cheaper there than their website. Choose any room that is on the first floor. You can ask for pool towels from 8 am to 5 pm. Make sure you won’t lose it if you want to bring it outside the hotel or you’ll pay an extra $ 20 

Car rental

 I Ketut Nuriana Nyoman Kerniasihi ~ Tel. No. (0361) 750251

Camera 360

Our car for 3 days

Use your bargain skills. Walk away if their price is too high, chances are, they will run after you.

Price of car rental for 24 hours ( excluding gas and driver): 180, 000 Rp ( Indonesian Money)

Price of petrol : PHP 20.00 / liter

The owner of the car rental did not required us to get the local license but she did warn us to be extra careful in driving and using the signal light

Tips: – Always take pictures of the damages before using the car / motorcycle for proof that the damages of the vehicle were there before you even used it – The traffic police would often stop foreigners that are driving motorcycles – They will ask for the local license ( $35 – available at the Police Station ) or if you forgot to turn on the signal light or simply because you look like a foreigner. Violations settled with bribery so always bring small change.


Going there

Flight from Manila to Denpasar


Travel time: 4 hours


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Ngurah Rai International


  • Carousel for the check in baggage
  • Visa and Immigration ( If your country is part of the ASEAN countries, you do not need to pay for visa)
  • Security check on the way out

Before the exit of the airport, there is a money changer. Change your money enough for a taxi fare


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Western Union money changer at KUTA Square had better exchange rates

Airport to Town

Airport taxi is expensive. VERY EXPENSIVE.

Where to find the metered taxis:

  1. Walk pass the exit of the airport all the way to the parking area. 
  2. At the highway, try to cross to the other side of the road.
  3. Tell the taxi driver to turn his taximeter on.

From Airport to Kuta ( The Oasis Kuta) : 30, 000 Rp = $ 3

Or you can use Grab a Taxi or Uber.


Exploring Kuta 

From the Oasis Kuta, if you turn left, you are going to Kuta Beach or Kuta Square. If you turn right, you are going to find local food and cheap stores that sell dresses, scarfs, and other souvenir items. Just ask the whereabouts of these places with the hotel receptionist.


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Local Restaurant

Sells combo meals for $ 2 – $ 4 or more than 20, 000 Rp

Drinks: 6, 000 Rp to 8,000 Rp


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Do try “pedas” if you like spicy food

Just a few meters from this local restaurant, you will find stores that sell cheap clothes. These stores have fixed prices.


  • Bali shirts – 40,000 Rp – 70,000 Rp Rp
  • Dresses 70,000 Rp up
  • Sarongs for men and women – 40,000 Rp up
  • Board shorts – 20,000 Rp – 40,000 Rp
  • Bags – 20, 000 Rp
  • Luwak coffee – 50, 000 Rp up
  • Scarfs 30,000 Rp – 70,000 Rp + and more

Tip: Souvenir shops on nearby temples and tourist spots double or triple prices of the items.


Jesrisoles Store


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Prices of food: 4, 000 Rp – 6,000 Rp / piece

Drinks: 5, 000 Rp


Tourism Office


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This office is near the first traffic light from where we ate our lunch. They were all friendly and they gladly helped us for free. Inside their building, you will find a lot of art for sale and a restaurant that serves local Indonesian cuisine.


Kuta Beach and Boardwalk by night


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On your way to Kuta Beach, you will see a lot of stores nearby. Locals will be all over your face, urging you to buy their items.


Kuta Square


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Went around Kuta Square looking for dinner. There were a lot of restaurants around this area from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian food etc.. There were also a lot of stores that sells souvenir items and branded clothes. Small temples were also visible around Kuta Square.


Pushcart Food Stalls


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Price: 20,000 Rp – 40,000 Rp

Dine and eat like a local. A good experience on our first day in Bali.



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