Isla del Fuego ( The Island of Fire) ~ Siquijor Island (Updated 2016)


Dumaguete City to Siquijor Island ( either Siquijor, Siquijor port or Larena, Siquijor port)

Fare: From Dumaguete City, it ranges from PHP 100.00 to less than PHP 200.00

Cheaper ones travel less than 2 hours while the expensive one, for only an hour

Terminal Fee ( Dumaguete  City Port) : PHP 15.0011046355_10153209170522128_2026732186306322011_n

Tip: Boat companies does not take a reservation. You can only buy a ticket on the day you are leaving. Holy week is the busiest so better go at the port before 8 in the morning.


Tickets: PHP 170.00 Montenegro Shipping Lines

PHP 140.00 – Jay Lann

Schedule (subject to change without prior notice)


Cebu City to Siquijor Island

Website click here 



Coco Grove



More photos click here

Location: San Juan, Siquijor . Other local restaurants are accessible for 5 minutes on foot outside the resort.

Resort: Well maintained. Recently, another huge building built to offer more accommodation for guests

Rooms: Spacious and clean. Most rooms had coffeemaker with free coffee / tea and bottled water everyday. Veranda overlooking the garden / pool/ beach.

Tip: Coco Lodge Cottage ( choose the room located on the second floor)

Beach: Very well maintained. Staffs were cleaning it early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Beach good for swimming but be cautious because some areas have a few sea urchins

Food: Each room provides free breakfast for 2. Delicious and big in servings. Cooked to your liking. Expensive price ranges from PHP 200.00 to PHP 500.00

Tip: Breakfast is one of the best I had at this resort. Dinner by the beach is romantic 

Surroundings: 2 restaurants, 2 pools, 2 bars. Surrounded by trees and plants. Ample hammocks and chairs to sit and relax

Tip: The second pool had a mini bar by the pool

Services: Excellent. Staffs were very friendly and accommodating. Telephone number of the resort is sometimes unreachable. Upon request, the van that will pick up guests will offer cold towels and welcome drinks served at the resort on arrival

Tip: Free usage of kayak until 5:00 pm 

Charisma Beach Resort and Restaurant

Facebook page


Number: +639088619689


More photos click here

Location: Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor. 20 – 30 minutes on foot to other local restaurants. 5 minutes on foot to other resorts.

Resort: Small and clean, great for people who are on a budget. Plants and trees around the resort. There are rooms recently constructed.

Rooms: Space of each room varies. There are fan rooms and with AC as well as with or without hot and cold shower. Most rooms had verandas.

Tips: Deluxe room overlooking the pool with AC and H/C shower. Bamboo Beach Front room is fan room without H/C shower but overlooking the beach and with bigger veranda, more accessible to the hammock and great for star-gazing

Beach: Can be dirty sometimes because no staffs were maintaining it. Some campers stayed overnight and left their trash at the beach. Beach good for swimming only during high tide

Food: Prices varies. Breakfast was okay but fruit shakes were delicious. They charge for an extra hot water, jam or butter.

Surroundings: Pool is half salt water and half fresh, small but clean. Plants surrounding the pool and the resort. 1 small restaurant with adequate tables and chairs.

Tip: The owner has 3 dogs that roamed around the resort. Max was my favorite

Services: Staffs and owner were very friendly and accommodating. Unlike Coco Grove which is a big resort, this resort creates rapport with the staffs and the owners. They were always smiling and nice

Other resorts / places to stay: click here

For the tour / rentals

Mr. Butch

+ 639362055100

( He offers both hourly and 1 day rates for the rental of his motorcycles. He can also bring the motorcycle to your resort for free)

Siquijor Braaap Rent a Bike and Tours



Self driving or with a driver. Also offers multicab rentals

More photos click here

( Cheaper than other companies who offer rentals and tours. They would gladly reserve a return ticket for Dumaguete City for their guest especially during high peak season. Sir Roming was also very nice and accommodating, offered us to go with them at evening time to see a local band)


Motorcycles PHP 250.00 / 24 hours  ♥ Motorcab PHP 800.00 / 8 hours   Cars / Vans PHP 1500.00 – PHP 2,500.00 ( Braap offered us PHP 1,000.00 for the car rental) ♥ Multicab PHP 1,200.00 / 8 hours

From Siquijor port to Resort PHP 400.00 / one way ( for cars / multicab – private trips) , Motorcab is half the price. Non special trips, fare vary from location PHP 60.00 – PHP 90.00 

Tip: – You can also rent a jeep to tour the island – Do not rent the scooter type of motorcycle, it uses gasoline more . Prices of basic rental posted at the ticket booth near the Siquijor Port gate

 Things to bring

1. SPF

2. Rash guard

3. Cash – preferably small bills

4. Flashlight

5. Medicine

6. Snorkeling gear

Tip: There is an ATM ( Landbank) at the center town of Larena, Siquijor near a small grocery store and a public market

 Places to see



Triad Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Location: Larena, Siquijor

Entrance: Free

More photos click here


This place is at the top of the mountain where you witness the beautiful view of the sea and the sunset.

Tip: Going to this coffee shop is challenging especially if you are using a motorcycle because the streets are not cemented or asphalt. There are no streetlights either so it would be better leave the place before sundown.

Hambilica Firefly Hatchery And Sanctuary

Location: San Juan, Siquijor

Entrance: PHP 100.00  

Opens: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm


You need to pass the town of Siquijor, Siquijor first before you will find this place. Its location is not that visible because of poor streetlights in this area so you need to look closely for the signboard. This place is a garden resort as well.

Tip: From Siquijor, Siquijor you will find this place on your right just before Coco Grove Resort. Do not visit this place on summer time or full moon because you will not see any fireflies.

Arrive at this place around seven in the evening and we were welcomed by the owner, Ms. Fides. She told us that there were no fireflies that time because of the warm season and the fireflies are becoming fewer because the government is constructing a drainage system beside the resort that was destroying the habitat of the fireflies. Though we were not able to see any fireflies that night, we had a great time chatting with her while she showed us around her resort.

 Camp Bandilaan

Location: Cantabon, Siquijor

Entrance: PHP 10.00

More photos click here


This is the highest peak of the island. We went there after lunch on April 3 ( Good Friday) because we wanted to see how the potion was made by the witches but came there too late. Crowded with tourist and local people that made the authenticity of the whole festival fake. There was a stage where locals could perform and at the hill, there were booths that had different healers that came from the different places in Siquijor. We were able to experience palm and card reading from the healers of Cantabon. Different potions, bracelets and food being sold there.

Potions: from PHP 150.00 to PHP 500.00

Bracelets: PHP 10.00 to PHP 30


Grilled meat: PHP 15.00 to PHP 35.00 

Cooked dish: PHP 25.00 / serving

Rice: PHP 10.00

Drinks: PHP 20.00 +

Tip: We were able to notice that food stalls sold 40 pesos per stick bbq to foreigners and only 10 pesos to locals. Be wary when you buy food here.

 Camp Bandilaan Butterfly Sanctuary

Location: At a crossing before going to Camp Bandilaan , turn left instead. . . or ask the local people for direction

Entrance: PHP 100.00

More photos click here


If you are into butterflies, visit this place. It had only two green rooms for the sanctuary of the butterflies, nothing more to see though.

 Cambugahay Falls

Location: Lazi, Siquijor

Entrance: None

Parking: PHP 10.00 (motorcycles) PHP 20.00 ( cars)

More photos click here


Going down towards the waterfalls was easy since there were stairs, but going up back to the parking lot was excruciating. Locals are at the parking area selling drinks and food.

Water / Bottled juice : PHP 30.00

Tip: Be wary of your belongings, it is often packed with tourists and locals. Always place your things where you can see it

The waterfalls had 3 pool areas. The last one had a rope tied at a tree where you can swing yourself at the water. You can also climb at the edge of the waterfalls at the second pool and jump. Lifeguards were all over the place but it was hard to find one because some of them were not in uniform. Water was cold and refreshing after exploring the island.


On our way to the famous Century-old Balete Tree, we had a quick stop at Lazi Convention Center and Lazi church.



Lazi Convention Center Photos click here

Century Old Balete Tree 

Location: Campalanas, Lazi

Entrance: PHP 10.00 

More photos click here

After a hot tiring tour, you can dip your tired feet for a quick. . . or long. . . fish spa

 Olang Arts Park


Location: Barangay Olang, Maria Siquijor

Entrance: Free

More photos click here


Discovering this place was an accident. We were  on our way to Salagdoong Resort when we saw its colorful gate. When we went inside the park, we were welcome by one of the artist who takes care of the place. She remembered us because she saw us the day before at Camp Bandilaan.

She showed us different work of art and photographs and told us the history of the place. We also met Direct Mon, a director from Cebu City and a couple of artists that were there to share their knowledge and skills to the children.

( If you want to share your passion for art to children, they can cater you free accommodation)

Salagdoong Resort

Location: Maria, Siquijor

Entrance: PHP 70.00 with parking fee 

Cottages: PHP 100.00

Rooms:  PHP 1,000.00 

Tables and Chairs: PHP 50.00

More photos click here


This resort has one of the most popular beaches on the island. It is often packed with people. The resort has a pool but no water. Restaurant had dishes, sandwiches and drinks

We had ~

halo- halo ( mixed fruits) PHP 75.00

Calamares PHP 150.00

The food is not delicious, better bring your own.

Tip: If you don’t want to rent a cottage, you can just leave your belongings beside the beach or in our case we asked the caretaker if we could borrow 1 plastic chair so we could put our bags there.

The beach was rocky but clean. You can climb on a rock formation and do cliff jumping as high as 20 or 30 feet.

Lugnason Falls

LocationSan Juan, Siquijor. A signboard is visible at the highway, in front of Chekesh restaurant

Entrance: Free


More photos click here

From the road, takes at least 20 minutes on foot to reach the falls.

Tip: Not to be visited on weekends. It can get crowded

Local Program

Location: Larena, Siquijor ( basketball area)

Entrance: PHP 5.00

More photos click here


Every Fiesta celebration or during Black Saturday, the local government will conduct a program where the local people and students could showcase their talents to the public followed by a discoral ( a local term joint from the words ” disco” and kural ~ fence). People are going to dance with an upbeat music or with a live band.

( If you must know, locals can reserve a table ahead of time for a cost of PHP 200.00, where you can have a better view of the stage. If you know somebody that has a reservation, you can inform the ticket guy and they will guide you to that table without paying an entrance fee because this place is pack with locals)

Procession for rain 

10006404_10153215986547128_1190501820871113905_n (1)11088267_10153215986612128_7531604996592312065_n

One of the most amazing experiences in my life. We were on our way back to Larena, Siquijor, UA noticed that the moon was changing ( April 4: blood moon eclipse) so we stopped in the middle of nowhere and just sat and watched the moon. When we were about to leave, we saw a local procession at the dark street. It was eerie at first and quite scary.

They were singing while carrying an infant statue in a small carriage with lights and flowers. They were going towards the beach to bathe the statue. We followed them and while UA took pictures, I asked an old woman what was the procession all about. She told me that they are doing this procession asking  the infant Child Jesus ( Sto. Nino) for rain and blessings. They do this once in a month and wishes that God will hear their prayers

Sandugan, Larena Siquijor


A long stretch of their boulevard where you could see mangroves along the way and the long stretch of the sea across the road. This place is great during the evening for relaxation or eating local barbecue under the moonlight

Other Places to see:

◊ Cantabon Cave

– near Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park

Fee: PHP 10.00 – with guide

PHP 300.00 – gears and flashlights

◊ Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

– Siquijor Circumferential Road, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor

Fee: PHP 50.00 – entrance and snorkeling activity 

◊ Tubod Marine Sanctuary

between Coco Groove and Sea Explorers Dive Center in San Juan, Siquijor

Fee: PHP 50  – entrance and snorkeling activity 

◊ Guiwanon Spring Park

– Luyang, Siquijor Siquijor

Fee: PHP 25.00

More photos click here



Most resorts and restaurants are in San Juan, Siquijor. You will often see it along the highway. Small barbecue stores are popular among locals. They are often located along the highway, beside the beach

D’Barkads Foodhouse

More photos click here

Rate: Food was satisfactory, service was poor, ambiance was good

Triad Restaurant and Coffee shop

Pizza ~ PHP 200.00

Food ranges from PHP 100.00 / dish to PHP 500.00 ( good for 4 to 5 people with a platter of rice, 3 kinds of dishes and drinks)

Drinks : PHP 35.00 to less than PHP 100.00 ( fruit smoothies)

Rate: Food was okay, enough for you to get full while enjoying the beautiful scenery

Baha Restaurant and Resort


Chicken Quesadillas ~ PHP 200.00
Baha Burger ~ PHP 250.00


Food: from PHP 150.00

Drinks: from PHP 50.00

Restaurant along the highway of San Juan, Siquijor. Restaurant at the second floor of the building and you need to leave your shoes on the first floor. It is either you eat barefooted or use a slipper provided by the restaurant


Rate: Ambiance was romantic and nice. Food was delicious. Service was great



Mahi-mahi ~ PHP 220.00
Large Squid ~ PHP 170.00
Coconut shake and Ice cream Shake ~ PHP 110.00


This restaurant is just outside the gate of Coco Grove Resort. The chef used to work at Coco Groove so the taste of the food and the way they cooked it is very similar to the resort but cheaper price

Food: from PHP 200.00 ( if you want some grilled seafood like squids, the prices differ by grams or size) 

Drinks: from PHP 50.00 to PHP 100.00

Rate: Everything was delicious. Service and ambiance were good


Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya


From Larena Siquijor going to Salagdoong, you will find this small store along the highway before the Tulapos Sanctuary. They sell a variety of bread and one of their specialty is called ” Torta”

Bread: PHP 10.00 to PHP 15.00

Rate: Good for snacks or take out. The bakery is very smokey that it could hurt your eyes.



Barbecue by the Pier

Location is outside the Larena, Siquijor Pier.

Food: Everything less than PHP 20.00

Rate: Ambiance is not that good because it is beside the street but you would be able to eat a local food cuisine for a cheap price. Dogs are around the corner waiting for you to feed your leftover.

Molmol Cafe

Location: If you are coming from Salagdoong resort going back to Larena, Siquijor, you will find this restaurant at your right after Tulapos Sanctuary. The signboard does not stand out from the highway

Last 2015, came there at 6 pm only to find out the pizza and pasta were all sold out

2016 ~ We made sure this time we won’t miss it

More photos click here

Rate: Service was good, ambiance was good, food was DELICIOUS


Great for drinking / playing pool and not for eating a good meal but we did not have any choice that night. San Juan, Siquijor was too far and we need to catch a local program at Larena Siquijor

Rate: Bar-kinda-food. Very slow service. A lot of food were not available

Food: Ranging from PHP 50.00 to PHP 150.00

Black Belt Grill

15 minutes on foot going south from Charisma Resort. The street after the bridge had local food and small stores.

House of the locals ~ Fiesta ( April 5 and May 3)

Schedule of Festivals click here

Exploring Siquijor click here

Usually, local celebrate fiesta on both of these dates. Everybody is welcome to eat during lunch and dinner. . . yes, and I mean EVERYBODY even strangers

More photos click here


This is the schedule of the 2015 Holy Week Festival. . . this will guide you for next year if you decide to visit this mystic island on those dates


Credits for our wonderful experience to the Talisayan / Garcia Family. Thank you for the warm welcome and treating us as your family for our 4 days stay at your house.

Tita Nimfa ~ 3rd generation of Talisayan Family
House built since WW2




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