Mountain Province ~ Sagada


How to get there

. Private Vehicle


b. Commute

Manila – Baguio – Sagada

Victory Liner Bus click here

We took ~

10:30 pm trip from Edsa South Bus terminal for PHP 445.00

IMG_9027 1st floor of the bus terminal has an ATM, 2nd floor had food stalls / coffee ( hot drink: PHP 50.00 )

Arrived in Baguio: 4:00 am 

From Baguio to Sagada


From the Victory Liner terminal, take a taxi to another terminal and look for Trans-Liner. Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at the bus station for Sagada. According to some blogs, the first trip going to Sagada is at 6:00 am but when we arrived at the terminal, the first bus was almost full. Only 3 seats left and the driver told us that they will be leaving at 5:20 am. The second trip will be at 7:20 am.

Taxi Fare: < PHP 120.00

Bus Fare: PHP 220.00

Tip: There is a small restaurant inside the bus terminal that opens 24 hours. You can grab a bite or take a leak before your trip.  PHP 5.00 – comfort room.

Only stop over – Banaue

Sceneries on the way to Sagada

Arrived in Sagada: 11:00 am

Total travel: 12 hours

Tip: Tell the conductor the name of your lodge. If it is far from the town of Sagada, the bus could drop you off the highway.  


Other ways:

Manila – Banaue – Sagada 

1. Ohayami Trans click here


Auto Bus Transport System Inc. – only 1 trip at 10:00 pm for PHP 400.00 – PHP 500.00 

Terminal: Corner Laong-laan Street, Sampaloc Manila

Telephone Number: (02)740 7959 and (02)493 4111

Manila to Banaue: 8 to 9 hours 

More details click here

2. From Banaue Bus Terminal there are jeepneys, vans and another kind of transportation going to Sagada for PHP 450.00

Banaue to Sagada: 3 – 4 hours

Manila – Banaue – Bontoc – Sagada

1. Ohayami Trans or Auto Bus to Banaue

2. Get to Immanuel Bus Line of Banaue Terminal to Bondoc Municipal Hall for P100

Banaue to Bondoc: 2 – 3 hours

3. Jeep ride to Sagada P35 – P40 ( has the option to sit at the top of the jeep “topload)

Bondoc to Sagada: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Manila to Sagada ( direct)

I am not very familiar with this route but just in case, try to contact click here


Misty Lodge and Cafe


Sigrid Y. Pacyaya ~ +63926 123 5186 /

Location: 25 minutes on foot from the town

Photos click here


Our room: On the second floor for PHP 600. 1 double size bed with 2 pillows and 2 blankets, 2 towels, dresser, shelves and a small closet with hangers. Shared bathroom ( 2 big ones with hot and cold shower located at the first and second floor and a small one outside).


  • Rooms were small but clean with nice view from the window.  Insects come through it because of no screen. 
  • No A/C but the room was cool. Poor shower pressure especially at the comfort room on the second floor
  • Veranda on the second floor with 1 table and chairs
  • No internet (due to a dispute between the local government and the internet provider)
  • Delicious and cheap food ( known for its breakfast, pizza, and yogurt)
  • Helpful and friendly staffs and owners
  • Very clean and quiet surroundings
  • Good pathway lighting from the highway
  • Small parking area for guests beside the highway

If you want to stay at this lodge, please take note of the following:

1. Please do not leave your HUGE POOP in the toilet leaving it for an hour so every guest on the second floor could see it and later, ask the receptionist to flush it for your because it is “UNFLUSHABLE” after you said “daughter” used it. Seriously, it was a beautiful afternoon and the size of that poop made the weather changed suddenly.

2. The second-floor patio / veranda is not a laundry area. Some guests like to relax there in the evening and looking at your wet dirty socks, shoes and UNDERWEAR ALL OVER the tables and chairs is NOT relaxing at all. 

3. Laughter is the best medicine but laughing at the top of your lungs at 6 in the morning is not medicinal to other sleeping guests. 

4. You are there to relax and not to be an interior designer.  Do not move the effin’ furniture in the middle of the night.

5. Some people are still sleeping at 3 in the morning, If you want to play tag of war do it outside the lodge.

Other hotels click here

Tour guide:

Frank ( Kuya Awing recommended him to us)

Rates of guide 

click here


Motorcycle, Van, Jeepney or you can go to these places on foot

Transportation Rates:

click here

Tip: Misty lodge has its own transportation ( van or jeepney) and it has the same rate as listed on the link

Day 1

Brunch at Misty Lodge

Beef Tapa ( PHP 150.00) Hot chocolate ( PHP 40.00)
< PHP 200.00

We met Renz and Jel and decided to share the expenses for the transportation and guide. We also talked to Sir Awing and Sir Ed who suggested the go-to see places. Our guide, Sir Frank met us at the lodge and we discussed what to visit that day. He also offered to register our names at the tourist information office. We decided to take a quick rest and meet everybody at 4:00 pm.

Ganduyan Museum

Entrance Fee: PHP 30.00

Location: Town of Sagada, next to the Bus / Jeep Terminal


Picture taking inside the museum is not allowed. The curator is going to tell you the history of the ancestors and their artifacts.

Tip: Stay next to the entrance. Visitors can only go inside by group. No shoes inside the museum.

Pottery House

Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00pottery making demonstration

PHP 100.00make your own pottery

Location: About 1 km from the center town of Sagada.

Photos click here

One of the most sarcastic women I’ve ever met.

Sarcastic Moment #1

Me: How long would you be able to make one?

Her: I’m making one now. Time it!!

Sarcastic Moment #2

Her: ( while molding the clay, she accidentally splatter a few on Renz’s face) I’m sorry.

Renz: Ano po? ( I beg your pardon?)

Her: I said I’M SORRY!! ( while moving her her head side to side with a displeased facial expression)

Sarcastic Moment #3

Me: Hello good evening. Can I buy a bottle of cold water? Do you have a 1.5 liter? ( she owns a store near the Municipal hall )

Her: What do you need cold water for when the weather here is already cold?!

Not allowed to bring what you just made

Lake Danum

– known for the sunset

Entrance Fee: None

Location: From the pottery, follow the road for about 30 minutes. You will see this lake on your left.

Photos  click here


After seeing the lake, you need to hike from the main road to a narrow dirt road for about 10 minutes where most of the tourists will flock to catch the sunset, but ours was different.

Tip: Tell your guide to go at the top hill instead of the usual spot. You will be at the top of this mountain with an amazing view looking down at the whole crowd. Hiking is for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

More photos click here


Total payment for that day

Tour Guide: PHP 500.00

Van: PHP 400.00 Route: Misty lodge – museum – pottery – lake danum – town for dinner – misty lodge)

Day 2

Mt. Kiltepen

– known for the sunrise

Entrance Fee: None

Van: PHP 500.00 ( no need for a guide)

Location: From the town of Sagada, take the highway going north. Turn left when you see the gas station ( around 3 and a half kilometers from town)

We missed this one because we overslept but according to Renz and Jel, the place was packed with tourists. The sunset was nice but there was no sea of clouds.

Tip: Start walking at 4:00 am. If you take a van, leave at 5:00 am. Sir Ed told us that this mountain is best visited on a rainy evening with a bonfire.


Connecting Cave of Lumiang and Sumaging Cave

– Starting from Lumiang Burial Cave to Sumaging Cave ( 4 hours)

Entrance Fee: None

Location: From the town, go south then turn left at the first corner and follow that road. 

Tip: Wear shoes, gloves and bring a flashlight and water with you.

Lumiang Cave

Photos click here

Lumiang Burial Cave

Sumaging Cave

No shoes while exploring this cave.

Tip: If you do not want to experience the connecting caves, then you can explore this cave instead for an hour or two

Photos click here



Stores outside Sumaging Cave


Porridge P25 boiled egg PHP 10.00
Halo- halo ( mixed fruits with milk in crushed ice) PHP 20.00



Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

– outside Sumaging Cave


 Echo Valley Tour

Entrance stairs of Echo Valley Tour

Entrance: None

Location: Starting point is from the town. Hiking is 2 – 3 hours


Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin


You will see a tent at the far end, left side, next to the stairs where you need to register your name


– Cemetery and Calvary Hill


– Echo Valley Hill


Shout at the top of your lungs by the cliff and let your voice echo throughout the hill


– Hanging Coffins

Photos click here


– Underwater River

Photos click here


Follow the trail of the river going up a small hill and you will see a rice field. At the end of this is the Bokong falls.


– Bokong Falls

Photos click here


Tip: Water is very cold and deep. Enjoy the falls by  jumping from the edge of it.

After the falls, you need to trek up another hill where you could have a better view of the rice terraces before reaching the main road


After 9 hours of trekking that day, I felt that my body was about to collapse because of exhaustion but Kuya Awing surprised us that took all my frustrations away

Topload all over the town of Sagada!!!


IMG_9663 IMG_9666







Total payment that day:

Guide: PHP 2,600.00

Van / Jeep: PHP 900.00 ( Route: Misty lodge – Lumiang Cave – Sumaging Cave ( waiting) – Town (lunch) – Bokong Falls ( waiting) – Gaia Cafe & Crafts (unfortunately they closed early that day) – Town for grocery – Misty Lodge

Day 3

Marlboro Country and Blue Hills

– known for its sunrise and wild horses

Fee: None

Guide: PHP 600.00 ( not mandatory)

Location: Take the highway going north passing the gas station. Turn right just before the big house. The trail going to this mountain is a dirt road

Tip: Start walking at 4:00 am

Photos click here




We did not hire any kind of transportation because we wanted to save money that day. The path was very dark and there were dogs barking and we were anticipating of getting bitten any time. Luckily for us, there was a van that had a difficult time going up the narrow steep dirt road so they invited us to ride with them to put weight on the back of the van.

Sunsets are better with hotdogs, buns, and Smores!!

Kuya Frank set up the bonfire and made some long sticks so we could grill our breakfast.

Tip:  Buy frozen goods and food at the town the day before going to this mountain. Most stores close at 9:00 pm. Give the frozen ones to Kuya Awing so he could put it in the fridge

Bomod-ok Falls

– known as the big falls

Location: Northern part of Sagada Rice Terraces between the village of Aguid, Pide, and Fidelisan. 7 km. from town

We were planning to visit this after lunch but my legs were in so much pain that we decided to skip this one and just rest the whole day

Explore Sagada Town

Photos click here


It was very rainy that afternoon, good thing Kuya Awing fetched us for free after dinner.

Day 4

Before leaving, one of the owners of our accommodation gave us free yogurt because it has been out of stock for 3 days. It was way better than the Yogurt house. Kuya Awing dropped us off at the terminal and we bid our goodbyes.

Going back to Baguio

Bus trips: 5: 30 am – first trip, last trip 1:00 pm



We took the 10:00 am trip going to Baguio

2 stops:

1st stop: Caltex Gas Station, 2nd stop: Benguet
Vegetable stores beside the street on our way to Baguio


Arrived at Baguio : 5:00pm

Bus terminal to Victory lines terminal: Taxi = < PHP 120.00

Queuing for the ticket took an hour. Reserved the 8:20 pm bus going to Edsa South Bus Terminal

Quick dinner at Rito’s Bulalo ( 15 minutes on foot from the terminal)

IMG_9839 IMG_9844 IMG_9845

Meal for 2: PHP 500.00

Arrived in Manila: 1:00 am

Other places to see:

– Pongas Falls

– Mount Ampacao

– Mount Polis

– Sagada Weaving

– Bomod-ok Falls

Website click here

Souvenir shops are located everywhere in the center town of Sagada


Misty Lodge


Drinks < PHP 50.00 Food < PHP 300.00


More Photos click here

Everything was DELICIOUS and worth the money!!!


Salt N’ Pepper


Drinks < PHP 150.00 Food < PHP 400.00


  • The creamed pork was very bony – PHP 150.00
  • Another pork dish that I forgot the name which Jel ordered was very chewy – PHP 150.00
  • Chili Inutom was not spicy – PHP 150.00 
  • Stir fried vegetables – PHP 120.00
  • The creamy mushroom soup was definitely instant knorr soup PHP 150.00
  • The fruit smoothies were delicious but were worth PHP 150.00 for a medium size glass.

No further photos were taken, that’s how disappointing it was. The restaurant was on the second floor. It had a nice ambiance because most of the furnitures and designs were made of wood but the tables and chairs were too close from each other and the service was poor.

Total:  4 people :  < PHP 1200.00 

The only good thing about this restaurant was they have a cute dog name” Chino”

Yogurt House


Drinks < P130 Food < P500 Yogurt <P140

Veranda second floor


The take out yogurt was too sour and took 30 minutes to be served. Food according to Jel and Renz were delicious.

The ambiance was nice because it had a small veranda overlooking the street. Most people hang out at this place for coffee

We ordered: Banana Granola Yoghurt for PHP 90.00 / cup


Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant


Food < PHP 200.00 Drinks <PHP 120.00


Waited until 6 in the evening before we could order because the waitress said they only serve drinks in between lunch and dinner. The chicken was satisfactory, the sandwich was big and delicious. The ambiance was cozy and the service was good.

Sagada Brew 


Drinks < PHP 120.00  Food <PHP 200.00

More photos click here

Everything was delicious. Lunch and dinner meals are served with rice or bread with salad and dessert. But when we got there, they ran out of dessert so the owner gave us a discount for the meal

The veranda had a great view of the cliff valley. The owner was very friendly and accommodating.

Tip: Better eat your meal inside the restaurant and not at the veranda. Veranda was populated with flies.


Local Food House / Karenderya

Drinks <PHP 30.00 Food < PHP 170.00


I love local restaurants / eateries but this one was just beyond awful. Kuya Frank recommended this place to us. Before we could change into another place, he already sat at the table and ordered his food. We wanted to join him for lunch that day so we decided to stay. The food was, without a doubt, bad and the place was very dirty.

Total: For 4 people : < PHP 500.00

Tip: If you want to try a local restaurant at this building, try the first and second restaurant from the entrance. They had better choices of food. The restaurant that we tried was the third one.

Sagada Taste

Food <PHP 100.00 Drink <PHP 40.00


Hangout for coffee ( PHP 25.00) while waiting for the rain to stop. There were a lot of locals eating at this restaurant and the food looked delicious

Lucky Shanghai Hauz



Before we got to Sagada Brew, we saw this restaurant. Other blogs said it had the best lumpiang shanghai (wrapped meat) in town.

Other places to eat:

click here


– If you are a dog lover, do not eat at Kimchi, they serve dogs and if you do not support slow killing of animals do not eat pinikpikan ( beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking)

– Meat delicacy at Sagada is “etag”  ( cured and smoked pork). You can order it ahead of time at their local wet market because it is always out of stock

– If you want to order a lemon pie, order it ahead of time. Always out of stock too.



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  1. Hiiiiiiii! It’s Erica. We ate your hotdogs and marshmallows at Marlboro Country! Haha I have no Facebook so I never got to keep in touch, but I saw your link on my notes on my phone and I thought I’d say hiiiiii! Love your blog! Might go to Dumaguete in November!


    1. Shyr Keene says:

      hey erica 🙂 I remember youuuuu. The couple from tagaytay who gave us a lift, thank you again hehehe. When are you coming to Dumaguete? I will be going to japan this November though but I will be back in Dumaguete on the 22nd so if you guys visits Dumaguete on the lastweek, I can show you around or recommend some places for you to see before you come here. You guys should visit Malatapay and apo island, I can recommend a company that offers really cheap open water scuba diving at that island too. Email me 🙂


      1. Yes we’ll be there thanksgiving weekend so around the 26th! The original plan is Apo Island and then maybe go to Oslob cause I wanna bring him to the whale sharks! What’s your email? K I’ll keep you posted. Have fun in Japan!!


  2. Shyr Keene says: That’s my email. 26th is thursday right? You should stay on a wednesday in Dumaguete so you can check out malatapay. They had the best lechon, sutukil and a lot of local products. I have a friend who owns a dive shop, if you guys want to dive you can have a free ride from your hotel to malatapay to apo and back. We went scuba diving last year for 2k only and that was 3 dives already. 30-45 minutes each dive. If you want to stay overnight, I can also recommend a nice resort to stay there 🙂 Email me anytime


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