Nation’s Kitchen ~ Osaka, Japan

  • Shinkansen

Shinkansen rides are free anywhere if you have a JR pass. This is the fastest way to travel from Tokyo to Osaka.

Travel time: 4 hours and 9 minutes

Tip: Shin-Osaka Station is huge and most people there are busy. Pocket wifi sometimes doesn’t work in some area so better ask to find your way out / correct train track. Often times, they will give you a map.

Took another local train to get to our host’s address but got lost and ended up walking for about an hour under the rain.

Tip: Streets filled with convenience stores and French inspired bakeries.



  • Dotonbori


Location: Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区道頓堀1丁目

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A long stretch of a street filled with shops and restaurants that serve mostly seafood.


  • Minami 


Location:  around Namba Station. At the end of Dotonbori Street

It is Osaka’s most famous entertainment district and offers a variety of dining and shopping choices.


  • Shinsaibashi


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This street is known for its shopping area and arcade.


Please don’t miss this local artist…

Blaster Matsushita


For ¥ 2000, this artist is going to make a portrait of you. He is staying on the street of Shinsaibashi’s shopping area along with other local artists that sell bracelets and key chains.


  • Osaka Museum of History


  • Hoezaka Warehouse



Ōsakajō, Chūō-ku


  • Osaka Castle Park

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  • Otemon Western Gate


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  • Oteguchi Entrance 



  • Sakuramon Gate



  • Central tower of Osaka Castle


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Osaka Castle has 8th floors. Usually, there are long queues on the elevator. The lift will take you to the 5th floor and you need to take the stairs going all the way up to the 8th floor or going down to get to each floor.

Tip: There are souvenir shops on the first floor ranging from ¥ 200 to ¥ 2000 from shirts to keychains to silverware. 


  •  Osaka Castle Museum

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Tips: It is forbidden to take pictures on some floors. Each floor has a restroom. If there are people taking the main stairs, there is also another set of stairs at the other end corner of each floor.



Yakinikugoen (焼肉五苑 宗右衛門町店)


Location: 2-13 Souemoncho Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka

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We asked our host, Mei San, where we could eat for dinner and she gladly took us to this restaurant on the second floor of the mall and told us it is one of the best yakiniku in town. I highly recommend this restaurant because not only it was clean and had a good service but also, there were areas / tables that provide privacy while you dine that was overlooking a part of Shinsaibashi. The servings of their food were big too.

Cost: ¥ 2000



Location: Best takoyaki is located beside Don Quijote

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Cost: less than ¥ 150


Local Food Inside Osaka Castle Park


Location: Before Sakuramon Gate Entrance

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Cost: ¥200 – ¥ 700




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