Apo Island


How to get there


  • From Dumaguete City to Malatapay

By private vehicle

Drive going South of the Negros Island. You will pass by 3 major towns, Bacong, Dauin, and Zamboanguita. You will see a signboard to Malatapay Pier.

Travel time: 30 minutes


By Bus

All buses going to the South of the Negros Island like Bayawan and Siaton will pass by the highway of Malatapay Market.

Tip: Bus Terminal located beside Robinsons Place Dumaguete just next to a cockpit gym. Buses leave every 30 minutes

Fare: PHP 50

By Jeep / Multicab

  • Jeep terminal located near Dumaguete City Public Market, Cervantes Colon Extention crossing.
  • Terminal for the multicabs going south is either near the Fruit Public Market, in front of BPO bank or inside the Robinsons Dumaguete, the back area near the parking lot. Jeeps and multicabs leave only if the vehicle is full

Fare: PHP 20 – PHP 30

Tip: All public transportation will drop off passengers at the highway. From highway, hike for about 20 minutes passing the Malatapay Market at the end of the road where you will find the tourist information office

  • From Malatapay to Apo Island

The tourism office of Malatapay will ask you to register before you can rent a boat. Boat rental varies from the size to availability. You can share with other tourists but you can’t ride the boat that the government provided for the residents of the island.

Travel Time: 45 minutes


Tip: It would be better to secure a reservation before your trip to Apo Island because sometimes all boats are fully booked especially during high peak season

Malatapay Market 

This market only exists on Wednesdays and deserted on other days. Local farmers gather here to sell their local products, animals, and foods.

More Photos click here

  • Sutokil

People coming from nearby towns and cities visit this market to eat the famous “SuToKil”, locally known as ” Sugba”, grilled, “Tola”, soup based dish, and “Kilaw” , ceviche.

More Photos click here

Tip: Choose BEBE’S Eatery, near the beach. She owns one of the oldest eateries in Malatapay.


Grilled Fish: PHP 70

Kinilaw: PHP 50 / serve

Rice: PHP 7

Tinola: PHP 150 / bowl with slices of fish ( or you can ask for a free bowl of soup)

Coconut Fruit: PHP 45

Halo – halo: PHP 20

Soda: PHP 10 / small – PHP 25 / 1.5 liter

  • Lechon

This market is also famous for its ” Lechon” , suckling pig, one of the best in the entire Negros Island.

Tip: There are 3 groups selling lechon, choose the store managed by 2 men, their Lechon is tastier.

Price: PHP 250 / kilo ( you can buy 1/4 or half a kilo)

  • Beachside

More Photos click here

Take a stroll at the beach after lunch or while waiting for your boat for your Apo Island tour.


For Diving / Snorkeling

Scuba Ventures Dumaguete



  • Cheaper than other diving shops that offer diving courses and other activities.
  • Diving experience at Apo island will include the transportation (pick up and drop off from and to your hotel), boat, gears, instructors and sanctuary fees.
  • Accommodating , professional and friendly dive instructors
  • You can borrow an underwater camera if you don’t have any. The instructors will gladly take a video and pictures for you and they can give it to you at the end of the day at their office FOR FREE 🙂
  • Ask for Mr. Johnley Garwaldo as your your instructor ~ he is awesome!!

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With John,  a few years back on my first time to dive in Apo Island)

Tips: – You need to a reservation ahead of time especially if it is high peak season. – Bring food and water / drinks for lunch. If you want to eat grilled meat and fish, you can ask the boatmen to grill it for you but you need to give them a tip.


Marios Pension House ( Marios Homestay)


Website click here

Location: Inner part of Apo Island.


Big Room:  PHP 1000/night for 2 ( double bed), PHP 200 extra bed

Medium Room: PHP 800/night for 2 ( double bed), PHP 200 extra bed

Small Room: PHP 500/night for 2 ( double bed)

Dorm (bed): PHP 300/night

Liberty’s Lodge and Dive Resort

Website click here



Location: You will see this resort upon docking and is located at the cliff of the Island

Note: They offer the cheaper way to get to the island for PHP 300 / person / one way. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included on the accommodation

Apo Island Beach Resort

Website click here



Other accommodations:

The following lodging places are in the innermost of the village. Do not expect it to be fancy like the resorts. Hosted by the locals

Ronors Lodging 

Contact number: 0915-7752422

click here


PHP 500 / night ( 2 pax) with free basic breakfast. Shared bathrooms. Serves lunch and dinner depending on availability in the kitchen

H-H Rooms for rent


PHP 150 / person ( 1 room good for 2 – 3 person). Shared toilet, bath area located outside in an open air. The caretaker can buy fish / food and cooks meal for the guest upon request and agreed price.

Mary’s Homestay

Contact number: +629262234842


PHP 500 / room ( 2 pax) with basic breakfast. Shared bathroom

Apo Island

Going there. . .

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Things to do

♥ Enjoy the view from the boat

More Photos click here

♥ Scuba Diving

Basic orientation and the importance of buddy system

More Photos click here

 ♥ Snorkel

♥ Explore the island

More Photos click here


If you don’t have plans of staying overnight at this island, you can buy food before your trip or look for fresh fish at the island sold by the locals and ask the boatmen to grill it for you while you explore or do some activities.

Tip: Food at the resorts are expensive and food sold by the locals are not that many. 

Going Home

The boat that you’ve rented for a day usually goes back to Malatapay at 4:00 pm because waves may become bigger as it gets late.

If you did not have any private car parked at Malatapay, you need to walk all the way to the highway to catch a bus, jeep or a multicab going back to Dumaguete.

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