Thailand Scams

Local Thai people are one of the nicest people I’ve met. Most of them helped us find our way when we got lost and were full of smiles even if they can’t understand what we were talking about…

…but just like in any other country, there are also a few bad seeds lurking around in the streets. Here are some scams we experienced in The Land of Smiles.


The “me-little-English” Taxi Scam

  • You will meet taxi drivers who will try to make your 10 minute journey ride for 20 minutes or more by going around. Upon confrontation, he will say he misunderstood or misheard the address because he only knows little English even if you have shown the address in Thai a couple of times. They will also get angry if you show them you are using your GPS. 
UA’s smiling face before the confrontation

The “Fixed Rate” Taxi Scam

  • Some taxi drivers will not use their taximeter especially late in the evening. They will ask for a fixed fare of 200.00 THB or more even if the ride would only take 15 minutes.


The “Connection” Taxi scam

  • You will find this kind of taxi outside Soi Cowboy. They will start by being extra friendly, making you feel from comfortable to uneasy. While on your way to your destination, he will start offering you from the VIP ping-pong show to party drugs. If that won’t work, he will offer his services for a whole day tour in the city. The conversation will be interrupted by a call and he will be speaking to his “friend” about something. If you’ve decided to go to Patpong, he will drop you off on a secluded bar, a few blocks away from the red district. As you approach the entrance, a bouncer will ask you for a 900.00 THB entrance fee each, while the taxi driver is waiting. If you decline, the taxi driver will talk to the bouncer to haggle the price of the entrance fee to 700.00 TBH.


Tuk tuk Rides

  • Most tuktuk drivers are going to offer you a ride that is more expensive than a metered taxi ( ride one just for the experience, but haggle the price as much as you can)

Good Samaritan Scam

  • While walking in the street, a motherly-looking woman will suddenly approach you and pretends she heard you speak Thai or acts like a good Samaritan. Recommends where to eat ( Silom Harbour), tells you the price of Bangkok’s Main-Riverside Attractions ( 1,000.00 THB but the actual price is only  14.00 THB) and offers to an extra help by talking to the tuktuk driver to take you to the restaurant she just recommended so the said tuktuk will not scam you. 

The Entrance Scam

  • Pimps will be all over your face as you enter the red district. They would tell you that the entrance is free, but you need to order a drink in the bar and you’ll get a full show for 1 hour. The drinks on the menu cost 900.00 THB or more. If you try to leave, they will lower the price to 200 THB

The Body Shot scam

  • Persistent strippers will be walking from one table to another offering body shots for 250.00 to 500.00 THB. After they entertain you with the body shots, they will ask you for a tip ranging from 500 THB to 1,000 THB, depending on how drunk you are. If you decline their offer, they will sweet talk you or rub their breasts against your back.


The Volunteer Scam

  • Strippers will ask a volunteer on the stage. After the entertaining show, the strippers will assist the participant to the table, but will ask the whole group for a tip.

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  1. so agree! when I went to Thailand for three weeks as a solo traveler, I did find them over friendly and that “yes” yes” all the time means nothing actually 🙂 I lost my way when I was in Chiang Mai because the Tuktuk driver when I negotiated with him was really eager and confident of saying yes, unfortunately, he didn’t know the way. hahahaha.. so I was dropped in a place of nowhere but I find it funny and loving the adventure!


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