Ban Thai Samor ~ Krabi, Thailand

To Krabi

From Phuket to Krabi 






At the exit, there are a lot of taxis and a couple of local buses (songthaew) outside. The cheapest transportation to Krabi town is the local bus (20 baht/person ). The taxis would cost you 200 baht /ride 

I am not sure if there are metered taxicabs around. The one we took did not have a taximeter. It looked like a car than a taxi. His first fixed rate was 300 baht but we haggled it to 200 baht.

Krabi Pier to Krabi town: 15 – 20 minutes ride

Before the pier exit there is a taxi stand and people working there would trick you. They will tell you that you are obliged to take their taxi because they are in the same company with the ferry. 

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Amity Poshtel

Location: Maharat Road Krabi, Thailand








  • The Inn was easy to find. There are nearby convenient stores, money changer shops, night markets, shopping malls and street food around the area
  • They don’t have an escalator so it will be a struggle going to the rooms with your bags or luggage.
  • Great for backpackers, you can stay in a private room or a dorm room. 
  • We stayed in a mixed dorm room. The room had a really comfortable bed, ceiling fan and air condition. Lockers provided for each guest in the room and lamps mounted on the wall just next to your bed 
  • The shared bathroom was tidy and spacious. 
  • Their small cafe is open 24 hours and they provide motorcycle rental ( 300 baht). They also have an airport transfer service for 400 baht






  • The hotel has a lobby on each floor with couches, TV and free water.

Places to see


Pandan Market and City Market






Most night markets are open on the weekend and closes as early as 10 pm on weekdays. Most things sold here were local food and fruits. The market was also surrounded by restaurants and bars

Wat Kaew Korawaram

Location:  หมู่ 1, ตําบลปากนํ้า อําเภอเมืองกระบี่ จังหวัดกระบี่, 81000 Pak Nam, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand






No entrance fee and less than 20 minutes drive from the Krabi town. This is a Buddhist temple located on a hill above downtown. There were no tourists when we got there

The temple was very peaceful and most of the structures were painted white. At the back area of the temple is a shrine/prayer room where you can meditate. The room was decorated with paintings and Buddhas.

Tiger Cave Temple

Location: วัด ถ้ำ เสือ, Krabi, Thailand






Known for the tiger paw prints in the cave and the huge golden Buddha sitting at the top of the mountain. The drive is more than 30 minutes from Krabi town. There is no entrance fee but you need proper clothing when you are in the temple.

A vast area with a few shrines and temples with locals praying

 Golden Buddha

Before the Chinese shrine, you will find the stairs going up the mountain to the Golden Buddha. For an average person, 1237 steps will take less about 50 minutes. Going up was excruciating but the view was worth it.


 Krabi Town


Surrounded by night markets, pubs and restaurants. They have a boulevard where locals hangout. Best to explore driving a motorcycle

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Chao Fah Night Market

Location: Chaofah Pier


This night market is along the boulevard of Krabi town. There were a few local foods and local products. Most of them closes at 11 pm on weekends

Food: 10 baht – 30 baht

Drinks: > 25 baht

Eat-all-you-can Local Restaurant

Location: Old Krabi Town ( on highway)






This local restaurant is along the highway. The staffs and the owner doesn’t speak English so you need to help yourself if you want to eat here. The choices in the buffet were meat, ready-made Thai dishes, salads, rice and seafood.

Buffet: 159 baht/ person

Water: 10 baht / bottle

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To Krabi Airport


Travel time from Krabi Town to the Airport is 45 minutes.





  1. Security Check
  2. Check in
  3. Security Check 2
  4. Departure area

Krabi Airport is small, just make sure that you are in the right terminal because the airport has two buildings. Terminal 1 is for international flights while Terminal 2 is for local flights.

→ Do not eat at a restaurant outside Terminal 2, food is expensive and the serving was very tiny

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