Land of the Atis ~ Boracay Island

To Boracay

  • By Air

⇒ Manila ( NAIA) or Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Godofredo P. Ramos Airport  ( Caticlan Airport)

Duration: 1 hour

♦ Shuttle bus to the arrival area

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

 Arrival Area

Left side is the carousel for your check in baggage and a few steps from it is the exit.

Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port

3 ways to get there:

  1. Take a tricycle outside the airport. Fare: PHP 100.00
  2. Choose a transfer offered by different companies outside the exit. Transfer includes ferry ticket and transportation to your hotel. Price varies
  3. Turn left at the exit and walk straight for about a minute or 2 to the highway. Hail a tricycle. Fare: PHP 10.00/pax


⇒ Manila ( NAIA) or Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Kalibo International Airport

Duration: 1 hour

♦ Vans located outside the arrival area bound for Caticlan Jetty Port

Fare: PHP 200.00 / pax

Duration: 2 hours

  • By Bus

From Iloilo City

Go to Tagbak Terminal located at Jaro, Iloilo City. Take a bus or van. Buses depart every hour until midnight

♦ Bus ⇒ Fare: less that PHP 350.00 / pax

Duration: 6 hours

♦ Van ⇒ Fare: PHP 400.00 / pax

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

♦ Taxi ⇒ Fare: PHP 3,000.00

Duration: 4-5 hours

  • By Sea

Travel 2go

Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Jetty Port

Travel time: 15 minutes – 20 minutes

Ferry Schedule: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm ( departs every 10 to 15 minutes)

Before the main entrance of the port, there are windows with number on the left side of the building. You need to pay the following :

Terminal fee with boat ticket: PHP 100.00/pax

Environmental Fee: PHP 75.00/pax

At the hallway, register your name before going to the terminal. You will also be given a piece of paper that you need to fill out before getting on the ferry

Jetty Port to your accommodation

There are tricycles located outside the port. If you want to split the fare with other travelers, you need to utter the word ” INDIVIDUAL” or else you need to pay PHP 200.00 for one way.

Fare: PHP 25.00 /pax


Casa Santa Fe


Location: Station 1, Boracay



  • Although at first, it was hard finding the place because it is in an alley, the location was perfect. Less than a minute walk from the beach.
  • No noise from the room although it was near the seaside pubs. 
  • Our room (Room 3) was not only comfortable and clean but spacious enough for 4 people. It had cable TV, A/C, fan, refrigerator, H/C shower and chairs
  • Guests can occupy the first and second floor while the owner and the caretaker lives on the third floor. If you have concerns and requests, all you need is see them and they would cater it right away.
  • The caretaker was very friendly. I was not feeling good one night so we went up to ask for hot water and she answered the door half asleep but with a smile on her face. 
  • If you are in a tight budget, you can purchase seafood at the wet market and have the staffs cook it for you, home-cooked way.
  • There is an area at the second floor that you can hang your wet clothes
  • Room make-up and fresh towels are upon request. They do not usually go to your rooms unannounced giving you enough privacy.
  • Though the place needs a little renovation, we had an excellent stay at this place because of the price, location, staffs and the homey feeling it could give.

Island Hopping


Package deal is PHP 3300.00 / pax which includes

  • Island hopping for 7 hours
  • Helmet diving
  • Jetski

Contact him through Casa Santa Fe Inn. He is the cousin of the recent caretaker, Mr. Michael.

Things to do 

Beach Bum and Relax

Best place to relax is at Station 1, White Beach. Great for an early swim and sunbathing late in the afternoon because it is less crowded. Just get a good book, lay your beach towels in a shaded area of the beach and just enjoy the breeze.

Pet a random cute dog and enjoy a fresh fruit drink

Most restaurants offer beach lounges along the beach but you need to order a drink or food to be able to utilize some of them.

D’mall and beach strolling while watching out for locals offering anything on your face, at every corner of the beach

As early as 6 am, some restaurants at D’mall or along the beach are already open for breakfast. Morning strolls by the beach are also calming and relaxing…until people selling hats, bags, souvenirs and services start shoveling it on your face.

Island hopping

WARNING: NEVER TAKE THE SERVICES OFFERED BY A GUY Name” PROX” HE SCAMMED US by providing his boat for what he said for 4 hours at a price of PHP 2,000.00 The entire trip only lasted for 2 hours. His placard stands at Station 2, after the entrance of D’MALL.


Some people would offer this activity with a buffet lunch at Puka Beach. The trip will start as early as 7 am.

Places to see for island hopping / Entrance fees:

  • Crocodile Island – PHP 25.00 / pax
  • Magic Island – PHP 150.00 / pax
  • Crystal Cove – PHP 200.00 / pax
  • Puka Beach – None

Visit Diniwid Beach


Diniwid beach is 20 minutes ride from White Beach. The beach was rocky, sand was not as fine as the White Beach but it had fewer people and had the best view of the sunset.

Hail a tricycle from the main road to Diniwid Beach. The ride would be 20 minutes. The driver will drop you on an alley. A minute walk to the beach. Cost: PHP 100.00 to PHP 150.00/way or PHP 15.00 to PHP 20.00/pax

Getting back to your accommodation after 7pm is a bit  hard because the tricycle waiting outside will tend to overcharge you. You can hail a tricycle at the main road / highway for the same price of getting there but the walk is about 20 to 30 minutes 

Sunset at Willy’s Rock


This area was surrounded with resorts. The beach was cleaner and less crowded compared to other spots on the White Beach.

Shisha and Night strolls

Evenings in Boracay are crowded especially on weekends. Some people like to drink their night away, dance till they drop and some people just like to stay in the quietest area of the beach enjoying  shisha ( PHP 500.00) with an excellent view of the beach

Massage and spas


Station 1 and Station 3 offers the cheapest body massages on the island (PHP 300.00 for Swedish/combination massage) while Station 2 offers the cheapest manicure and pedicure (PHP 200.00)

Other things to do click

Other places to see click



Cafe del Sol


Location: Station 2. Near D’Mall entrance, next to the beach


This restaurant opens as early as 6 in the morning. Great for big breakfast or a nice cup of coffee while looking at the beach. Breakfast starts at PHP 280.00 and coffee at PHP 80.00

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe


Location: Station 1. Second floor of Sea World Dive Center



Tricky finding this place because it is located on the second floor of a dive shop in Station 1. They are renowned for their signature coffee and calamansi muffin. This restaurant is made of native materials and is overlooking the beach. The toast and omelet start at PHP 220.00, muffins at PHP 45.00 and coffee at PHP 70.00

The food and coffee were delicious. The ambiance was nice as well, you can appreciate the view of the beach while devouring your breakfast. All of their staffs were very friendly and accommodation. Visited this place twice that week


Kolai Mangyan Boracay


Location: Main Road, Station 2

This restaurant is popular with the locals because it’s reasonable. They serve combo meals good for a group of people but in cheap prices, food starts at PHP 50.00. The food was edible enough, nothing special. Free chicken soup  for the appetizer. Clean place and well managed.

Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant


Location: D’mall square


A pricey restaurant but known for its delicious pasta, breads, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Prices start at PHP 200.00.

The food we ordered was pasta with creamy white wine sauce and tuna. It was really luscious. They are located at D’mall square and their restaurant is very easy to find.

I ♥ Backyard BBQ

Location: D’mall Square



Crowded during lunchtime, you need to wait to be seated in this restaurant. They serve a variety of barbecue meals and sizzling plates. Food starts at PHP 100.00.

The food lacked flavor but in big serving. The staffs were friendly but they need to work with their ventilation and the flies ready to dive into the food.



Location: G/F, Hue Hotel and Resorts, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay ( same building as Station X)


Healthy and delicious, these are the two words that I can describe when I think about Nonie’s. Their food starts at PHP 280.00 and the healthy smoothies at PHP 170.00

Though it was a little bit pricey, all the food they arranged was mouthwatering. They serve their food with art that you can’t help smiling (and take a picture of it) before eating.


Casa de Santa Fe


Location: Station 1

If you are exhausted of eating food from the restaurant and want to appreciate a taste of home-cooked food, this is the place for you. Their kitchen is offered only to guests that are staying in their Inn.

All you need to do is buy fresh seafood and meat at the market and ask them cook it for you according to your liking ( with a little tip for the usage of the ingredients, kitchen and work).

For 6 people, we only paid around PHP 1000.00

Don Mestizo’s


Location: Remedios Street, Sitio Manggayad 

A fancy and pricey restaurant in Boracay with a good romantic ambiance and delicious food. Though the food was in small serving and food start at PHP 250.00, everything was good and delectable.

Smoke Resto


Location: Back market area of D’Mall

Open 24 hours. This small restaurant is located at the back area of D’Mall. Crowded during lunch and dinner, one of the few restaurants that offer cheap with big serving food. Calamansi shake, Kao Pad and Bulalo soup is a must try.

The food we had was ample. The place was small so you get to share your table with other costumers. Food starts at  PHP 50.00

Station X


Location: Hue Hotels & Resorts Boracay, Station 2, Main Road

The newest food hub on the island. Each store offers variety dishes from Japanese, Filipino, European, sweets and breads. Food starts at PHP 150.00

We were not able to eat here because we just had dinner but the place seemed like a nice and quiet perfect for people who are artsy fartsy, adores coffee and deep conversations.


Crazy Crepe


Location: D’ Mall and along the beach of Station 1

A nice place if you want to go crazy with your ice cream and crepes . Prices start at PHP 110.00

Jonah’s Fruitshake & Restaurant


Location: Station 1 and Main Highway

Originally known for their smoothies but since they became quite popular, they expanded their menu to Filipino food. Superb smoothies and noodles yet not so great ice cream.

Fruit smoothies would cost around PHP 70.00 to PHP 160.00 . Food starts at PHP 120.00 and desserts at PHP 100.00

Merly’s Barbecue Boracay


Location: Along the beach at Station 1

The famous choriburger (chorizo burger) of Boracay. The pushcart only comes into sight from 5 pm to evening time at Station 1 near Sand Bar. A popular cheap snack that would cost you PHP 45.00. They also serve barbecues on a stick that cost PHP 10. 00 to PHP 15.00.

Though the burger was very simple and needs more sausage, it was quite delicious. They say your Boracay trip would not be complete without tasting it.

Restaurants with Sunset View

Sur Beach Resort


Location: Station 1


One of the few popular beach resorts at Station 1 that offers great view of the sunset and a nice hangout with friends by the beach. Sand in this area was very fine and the beach was well maintained.

Food starts at PHP 150.00, drinks around PHP 90.00. They also offer happy hours between 2 pm and 5 pm 

 PHOTOS of Sunset and Beach at Sur Beach Resort

 Club Paraw


Location: Station 1


An excellent place to catch the sunset without wandering a long way. Great for hangouts, taking a swim and a cold drink while enjoying the beach and the music.

Their menu was cheaper compared to other resorts near it.  The beach lounges were comfortable and scattered around the beach.

Spider House Resort


Location: Diniwid Beach

Getting to this resort was a bit complicated than we expected because you need to pass all other resorts and a cave-like trail. The place was packed with people waiting for the sunset as well. So we decided to transfer somewhere else

Rooms and villas were at the cliff rock formation, as well as their restaurant. Popular to tourists and travelers alike. The place was made of wood and nipa huts. The menu was also cheaper compared to Wahine Beach Bar

Wahine Beach Bar & Grill


Location: Diniwid Beach


A gorgeous pub next to the beach. Food starts at PHP 200.00 and drinks are buy-one-get-one on happy hours for PHP 100.00. They hold a live music by the late afternoon as you enjoy the sunset view while sitting on the cushioned lounge chairs.

Cheap eats click

Restaurants click

Boracay to Airport

Cagban Jetty Port to Caticlan Jetty Port

  1. Take a motorized tricycle from the main road to Cagban Port: Fare: PHP 20.00 /pax Duration: 10 minutes
  2. Terminal Fee PHP 100.00/pax , boat ticket PHP 25.00/pax Duration: 15 minutes

Caticlan Jetty Port to Caticlan Airport

  1. Walk to the main road and hail a tricycle. Fare: PHP 10.00 /pax
  2. The tricycle will drop you off at the higway. Walk to the departure area building for 2 minutes.

Caticlan Jetty Port to Kalibo Airport

  1. Left side of the exit, Vans offering a ride to Kalibo City. Fare: PHP 200.00/pax. Duration: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
  2. Take a motorized tricycle from the city proper to Kalibo Airport. Fare: PHP 50.00.  Duration: 20 minutes 


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