Peaceful meeting place ( Faifo) ~ Hoi An

To Hoi An

You need to travel to Da Nang first to get to Hoi An. See link click  here

Da Nang to Hoi An


  • Taxi

Cost: VND 300,000 to VND 400,000

  • Xeom

Cost: VND 150,000 to VND 250,000

  • Self-drive (motorcycle)

Cost: VND 100,000 up / day

  • Sinh Tourist Bus

Cost: VND 79,000 – VND 199,000/person (price varies between morning and afternoon)

More information: click here

  • Big C Bus

Cost: Free (but you need to show the driver your receipt of VND 150,000 purchase from the supermarket)

Location: Big C Supermarket Da Nang (255-257 Hùng Vương, Vĩnh Trung, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam)

  • Yellow Bus

Cost: VND 30,000 / person



 Da Nang Bus station (201 Tôn Đức Thắng, Hòa Minh, Liên Chiểu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam) → Ton Duc Thang →  Dien Bien Phu Le Duan Yen Bai Phan Dinh Phung Bach Dang Nguyen Van Troi Bridge Ngu Hanh Son Le Van Hien   Hoi An Bus Station


If you got lost in Da Nang, Google map is accurate on finding the nearest bus stop for the Yellow Bus 1.

→  The bus is old. It is not air-conditioned nor has any seatbelt on

  No extra charge for your luggage

→  Because this bus is very controversial known for scamming tourists, make sure that when you get on the bus, the conductor will see that you are filming the whole thing. Locals pay VND 20,000 but they charge VND 30,000 for tourists. If they ask you more, get off the bus immediately rather than arguing with them. Wait for another one because yellow buses depart every 20 minutes

 No tickets given upon paying

→ Get off at Ngu Hanh Son for the Marble Mountain 

Last stop: Hoi An Bus Station

Hoi An Bus Station to Hoi An Town / Accommodation

  • Xeom

Cost: VND 100,000 up / person

  • Self-drive Motorcycle

Location: 159 Lê Hồng Phong, Tân An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam (just across the Hoi An Bus Station)

Cost: VND 100,000 / 24 hours

You need to leave your passport with the owner after signing some documents. The owner was very nice and can hardly speak English.

If the motorcycle does not have enough fuel, from the motorcycle shop just go north, turn left and just go straight. You will see the nearest Gas Station on your right.


Azalea Homestay

Location: 174 Trần Nhân Tông, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam



  • One of the most comfortable beds we slept at Vietnam. The room was sparkling clean with everything you need from flat screen TV, air conditioning system, closet, tables, chairs and hot/cold shower. 
  • This is a private room with a bath in a 3-storey house by the river bank. Luan, the host, was very friendly and accommodating. Her kids were lovely as well.
  • Two free breakfasts come with each room. A choice between homemade Vietnamese noodles, bread and eggs with butter. Each breakfast comes with free fruits and coffee. For a very cheap accommodation, the delicious breakfast made this accommodation extra amazing.
  • In our second night, there was a power outrage and water problem in Hoi An but Luan made sure we were comfortable in our stay. She provided pale of water for us. She also made sure that our motorcycle were safe by parking it inside her house before wee hours.
  • Her home-stay also offers reasonable prices for rentals of bikes, motorcycle and taxi ride back to Da Nang.


Hoi An Ancient Town

Location:  Lê Lợi, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 24 hours ( lantern show starts from 7:00 pm – 12:00 am)

Entrance Fee: Free (not unless you want to visit 5 historical homes and sites in a day for VND 120,000 )

The full list of sights included on the ticket:

Old houses: Tan Ky, Duc An, Quan Thang, Phung Hung
Assembly halls: Quang Trieu, Trieu Chau, Phuc Kien 
Structures: Japanese Covered Bridge
Museums: Museum of Trade Ceramics, Museum of Sa Huynh Culture, Museum of Folk Culture, Museum of Hoi An
Traditional arts: Handicraft workshop; traditional music performance;
Communal houses: Cam Pho; Minh Huong; Quan Cong Temple;


The Ancient Town is surrounded with historic buildings built during French occupancy. Early in the morning, the whole area is calm and quiet. Most are still sleeping or having a morning coffee nearby. It grants you the feeling of walking on an ancient town because it is almost deserted.

When the sun is up, some locals will urge you to pay an entrance fee but there is no need if you are not going to the places listed above.

Decline and tell them you are just there to dine or shop.

At night, the ancient town will transform into a light show. The whole area becomes bustling with people. Lanterns, buildings and bridges start to light up at 7 pm. Locals selling souvenirs while tourists dine and enjoy sightseeing (most restaurants overlooking Thu Bồn River are pricey). Crowd start to disperse at 10 pm.


Night Market

Location: 3 Nguyễn Hoàng, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam (after the Cầu An Hội bridge)

Hours Open: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Entrance Fee: None


The night market was very crowded and chaotic with tourists, food pushcarts, and souvenir stalls. Most of the items there were expensive and for some reason most of the sellers will not permit you take a picture of their products.

I won’t recommend buying things here. The prices were twice or thrice from the initial price sold in the market at Hanoi. 

Central Market

 Location: 73 Phan Bội Châu Sơn Phong tp. Hội An Sơn Phong tp. Hội An Quảng Nam 越南, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 5:00 am – 4:00 pm

Entrance Fee: None


After visiting the Ancient Town early morning, you can also check out the central market next to it. The place was a beautiful mess with locals selling fresh fruits, vegetables and local dishes. The colors that you see in this market is as rich as the aroma of spices and herbs being set down at the street. Silks, wines and other souvenir products that reminds you of Hoi An could be seen all over the place.

Rice Paddy Fields

Location: Cẩm Hà, Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Hours Open: 24 hours

Entrance Fee: None


Around 20 minutes away from the center town of Hoi An, lies the paddy fields. Most tourists experience this through a tour agency which they can cycle around the field, interact with farmers and visit the village but we went there on our own to catch the sunrise.

The paddy field was a vast rice plantation that can be seen along the highway. Taking a narrow road will take you to a better view of the rural living of Vietnamese. As the sun rises, students on their bikes will start leaving their houses to go to school while buffaloes get ready to start their work.

Quiet and refreshing to the lungs as you inhale the fresh air coming from the plants and trees surrounding the field. It is a great way to start your day before trying some Vietnamese breakfast and exploring Hoi An some more.

An Bang Beach

Location:  Hai Bà Trưng, Cẩm An, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 24 hours

Entrance Fee: None

There are 2 famous beaches in Hoi An, An Bang beach and Cua Dai. One of the locals told us that An Bang was better than the other so we drove for 20 minutes to see it for ourselves.

The beach was beautiful and not crowded but the waves that day was big enough for surfers to ride. A few restaurants and cottages were lined up the beach side. If you want to grab some cold drink and appreciate the view, you can opt for the restaurants overlooking the ocean, if you want to go there without spending a dime then you can just set your things on the cottages and loungers.

The sands were not as fine as the beaches we’ve been to but the beach was well maintained. You get to enjoy the water by jumping and screaming as bigger waves tries to push you to the shore.

The parking scam

Since you can’t park your vehicle at the beach, a few feet from the main entrance, there will be locals calling you to park it at the space they manage (with a fee per hour). The secret here is that you take a very narrow rough road to the back of the restaurants. If the guard will stop you, tell them you are going to eat in a restaurant (Soul Kitchen to be exact). You can park your motorcycle or bicycle at the back for free.


List of other places to visit click here


Banh Bao – Banh Vac (WHITE ROSE CAKE)

A clear white dough filled with spiced minced shrimp or pork, folded to look like little white roses.


🍴 White Rose Restaurant

Address:  533 Hai Bà Trưng, Phường Cẩm Phổ, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 7:00 am – 8:30 pm

Menu: VND 70,000 ( white rose), VND 100,000 ( fried wonton / Hoi An pizza)

The restaurant was small but clean and famous for its white rose dish. The staffs were kind and friendly, very attentive as we look for a good spot to sit.

They only have two dishes in their menu, the white rose and the fried wonton. White rose was a dumpling with shrimp and spices. The texture was tender and flavorful. Great for a light snack before heading out somewhere (my boyfriend thinks it’s impressive. He has been craving to taste it the moment we step in Hoi An)


♥ Wonton soup with variety of vegetables, pork, liver, chicken and fish balls


🍴 Pushcart / Stall

Location: Two blocks from the main entrance of the ancient town, turn right 

Hours Open: 10:00 pm – 3:00 am

Menu: A variety of wonton dishes: VND 25,000 – VND 50,000 / bowl

We found this place by chance while riding around town. Flocked by local people, this pushcart only shows up after 10 pm.

At first glance, we thought it was Pho but actually it was wonton noodles. The food was very delicious, enough for two people to share. It had different kinds of meat (pork, chicken, beef, liver and fish balls) and vegetables in a bowl. Served to you hot and fresh.

The local managing it and the rest of his crew does not speak English at all. So you have to point the food from the other table for him to be able to comprehend what you crave to eat.

Bánh Bao

♥ Pork steamed bun

To make this part short, this caught my attention because the guy in a motorcycle had a loud speaker driving all over town. We drove as fast as we could to catch up with him.  Turns out it was not delicious at all and cost us VND 40,000

If you are craving for one, the best place to go to is Nữ Eatery . Unfortunately we did not try it out because I fell in love with the Queen Banh Mi and totally forgot about it.

🥖 Bánh Mì

🍴 Bánh Mì Phượng

Location: 2B Phan Châu Trinh, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam

Hours Open: 6:30 am – 9:30 pm

Menu: VND 15,000 – VND 30, 000



A modest local restaurant crowded with tourists. Some of them are just standing outside because there are no seats available anymore. The food came fast (5 to 6 staffs preparing the Banh Mi at one time). All the staffs were very accommodating and friendly. The dining area could have been better but was clean enough for people to dine.

They became famous because they were featured by Anthony Bourdain. Probably it tasted better 6 years ago when he was here but when we were there, the Banh Mi did not taste anything special.  The ingredients were fresh but the sauce or pate lacked flavor. We ordered the Bread Mixed (3) and Bread with pork, ham and pate (9)

🍴 Madam Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen

Location: 115 Trần Cao Vân, Phường Minh An, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hour Open: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Menu: VND 20, 000 – VND 35,000


The first Banh Mi we tried in Hoi An and kept coming back for more. There was only one staff preparing the Banh Mi while an old lady observe it. We later found out that, that old lady was Madam Khan, one of the oldest women making Banh Mi in Hoi Nn.

The banh mi (mixed) was absolutely amazing. At first bite, I had goosebumps all over. The pate was extraordinary, and the meat was so tender I was tempted to ask them about it (they can’t speak English, though). Sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy, everything complimented each other. There were two staffs attending the costumers, both of them are friendly and welcoming.


Phin Coffee

Address: 132/7 Trần Phú, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Menu: VND 30,000 – VND 225,000



Tucked away in a hidden alley, we discovered this cafe when from an article of a tourist who stayed in Hoi An for a month. Finding this place is a bit tricky but you would know you’ve arrived in the right place when you see an old building  with plants and chairs outside.

The cafe was very small but it was artistically designed and very clean. The oner was managing the place when we got there because the barista was off. He was very accommodating and friendly. He could speak English and it seems that most of the locals drinking there were his friends.

The coffee was superb. It was made with passion and the great thing was we had fun observing how our coffee was made and had an interesting conversation with the locals.

Hoachampa Cafe

Address: 43 Phan Châu Trinh, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Menu: VND 20,000 – VND 160,000 (coffee) , VND 85,000 – VND 1,200,000 ( coffee beans depend on type and grams)


Before exploring the Ancient Town that night, we found this coffee shop sitting quietly near the entrance of the town. The cafe was small but it had everything you wanted from coffee filters, variety of beans and coffees as well.

It had a terrific view of the street, quieter than most cafes near the ancient town. We ordered 100% luwak and jacu bird coffee. Both were made from high-quality beans and the aroma was so pleasing, we decided to stay here for the next 2 hours.

We parked our motorcycle infront of the coffee shop for free before walking towards the ancient town. You need to pay for parking in some area near the town.

Uy Viet Coffee Bean

Location: 580 Cửa Đại, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Menu: VND 10,000 – VND 34,00020171011_122944.jpg

On our way back to the bus station, we found this coffee shop along the highway. Famous to locals and one of the cheapest coffee shops we’ve been to.

We ordered hot and cold condensed milk with coffee while we appreciate the view of the street. The coffee shop was huge, some people were sitting inside but most preferred to be sitting in the balcony. The cafe was clean but a little hot. Most staffs were kind.

Restaurant with a view

Soul Kitchen

Location: Lô 9B, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hours Open: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm ( Live music at 5:30 pm, Thursday to Sunday)

Menu:  VND 100, 000 > ( price varies from seafood, Asian and European cuisine) , VND 25, 000 – VND 120,000 (drinks) 


The first time we tried to visit this restaurant was in our first night in Hoi An. We wanted to watch the live band but when we got there, they informed us that the show ended as early as 8 pm.

The place was very relaxing in the afternoon, great to enjoy a cold beer while getting ready for a swim.

The entire restaurant was empty and we were the only costumers that day. Most of their staff was unfriendly and rude. After we had swum, we went to their outside bathroom to change and washed our feet but one of them started bagging our doors while speaking Vietnamese so we can hardly understand what was the problem. 

The Little Menu Restaurant

Location: A few feet from the night market

Hours Open: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Menu: VND 50,000 < ( drinks and desserts)

A very charming restaurant overlooking the Thu Bồn River. It was far from the crowd so you get to enjoy your coffee and dessert in peace. The staffs were very accommodating, offered us an electric fan so we could cool down after a long walk of exploring the ancient town. The restaurant was stunning in design and lighting, A great place to hangout while your boyfriend massage your feet or have a great conversation about the experiences you’ve had that day

List of other local food click here

Restaurants and streetfood click here

Other local coffeeshop click here

Hoi An to Airport / Other destination

From Hoi An, you need to go back to Da Nang to catch your flight at the airport or get on a bus/train to Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and other places in Vietnam.

  • Taxi

Cost: VND 300,000 to VND 400,000

Most hotels and other home-stays offer this service to their guests. You would also see signs all over the town offering this for a cheaper price.

  • Xeom

Cost: VND 150,000 to VND 250,000

Most of them are parked at the Hoi An bus station

  • Sinh Tourist Bus

Bus schedule click here , prices click here

They also offer trips from Hoi An to Hue and Nha Trang

  • Big C Bus

Schedule can be seen in this blog

Unlike traveling to Hoi An from Da Nang, the driver will not request you the receipt of purchase from the Big C supermarket.

  • Yellow Bus 1

Cost: VND 30,000 / person

Inform the conductor where you want to go so he/she could assist you to your nearest drop off.

From the drop off, you can hail a taxi, Xeom or booked a ride from Grab.


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