Single Entry Tourist Visa for Japan ( with Philippine passport)



Friedship Tours


Other accredited agencies click

Main Office3F Dusit Thani Manila Ayala Center Makati city Philippines 1226

Camera 360

If you are not living in Manila, Cebu or Davao City and you can’t personally go to their office, you can contact them through their email


  1. Complete and secure the documents
  2. Pay the processing fee of Php 1, 200.00. If you can’t claim your documents at their office, you need to pay an extra Php 200.00 for them to deliver your documents back to your city. If someone else can claim it for you, attach an authorization letter and send it with your documents.
  3. Photocopy / Picture of receipt of the payment
  4. Send it via LBC addressed to the office – less than Php 300.00 with insurance

Things you need


– Validity of more than 6 months / Signed Passport

– Broken lamination of the Picture Portion will not be accepted / Must have at least 2 blank pages left in the passport.

Visa Application Form

Download here


– Capitalize Surname

– Put N/A on blanks not applicable to you

– Nationality or citizenship blank: choose and select from the form. For Filipinos, write or choose the Philippines

– Better fill all the information using your computer and not handwritten

Birth Certificate ( NSO issued with receipt valid within 1 year)

Marriage Contract ( if married) issued by the NSO with receipt valid within 1 year

Tour Itinerary

Sample here

– Make it simple and remember to make your activities in line with the amount of money in your Bank Certificate.

Bank Balance Certificate

Make sure you have at least Php 100, 000.00 on your bank and your account is an old one. You can also present a joint account if for any reason you don’t have one.

BPI: Php 100.00 for 2 copies

Income Tax Return (Form 2316 or 1701) Original and (1) photocopy

– If you can’t produce this then a Certificate of Employment is good enough. Make sure the company will state your position, annual income, the length of service, dates that they allow you to have a leave and return of work.

Sample COE

– You also need to provide an explanation letter addressed to:

Japan Embassy

State in your letter the following:

  • Reason of traveling Japan on those dates / season
  • Reason why you can’t submit a COE or Income tax return
  • You can also mention the countries that you visited in the past. If it is a newly issued passport, better send your old passport as well
  • Your contact details if they have any inquiry

Note: If you can have it notarize, the better.

Additional Documents:

  1. Plane tickets from your city to an international airport and back
  2. Plane tickets from an international airport to Japan and back
  3. Booked hotels – not strictly needed
  4. Good quality and colored photocopied ID issued by your government ( PRC, License etc.)

Note: Apply for a visa 2-3 months before your scheduled trip

Sent all my document on a Friday after cut-off so the LBC delivered it the next day. Dusit Hotel received it Saturday afternoon. Friendship tours submitted my documents to Japan Embassy Monday morning and got a call from theme on Tuesday afternoon that my visa has been approve.

For more information here

Goodluck 🙂

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