Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Japan ( with Philippine passport)

Important Note:

I am not affiliated to any travel agencies nor I run one. This is for applicants who has traveled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years and has sufficient financial capability to support their trip.



If this is your first time traveling to Japan, apply for  Single Entry

For travelers who wants to apply for multiple entry visa, determine you’re eligibility through this form : MULTIPLE ENTRY REQUEST LETTER

Look for an accredited agency listed on the Japan Embassy Website


Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation


They have two offices located in Manila and Cebu. If you are not on that city, you can email them for inquiries. After you secure all the needed documents, send it through LBC to this address:

To: Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation

      c/o Ella Anduyan

Address: 3F Dusit Thani Hotel

Ayala Center Makati city

Contact number: 893-8180/810-9622/0917-548-1810

Multiple Visa Fee: PHP 2,000.00

LBC: PHP 250.00

If somebody can pick up your documents after the process, you can attach an authorization letter with it. If nobody can, an additional payment of PHP 250.00 is needed for them to send it back. Payment can be send in two ways, LBC money transfer and Bank deposit, just attach the deposit slip with your documents or for mobile bank transfer, a screen shot of the receipt via email will do. Detailed information will be given to you by the agency.

Documents To Prepare


Valid for 6 months. Broken lamination of the picture portion will not be accepted. Must have at least 2 blank pages left in the passport. If old passport has a Japan Visa, you need to send it too.

Visa Application Form


Better fill all the information using the computer. No erasures and put N/A on blanks not applicable to you. Nationality or citizenship blank: choose and select from the form. For Filipinos, write or choose  “Philippines”. ( Paper size should be A4 )

Multiple Entry Request Form


Check the boxes applicable to you. Put the reasons you are applying for a multiple entry. I tick the following boxes for my application. (Paper size should be A4)



The correct size is 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. Put your name and birth date at the back portion of the photo before pasting it on the Visa Application Form

Tour Itinerary


The activities for your trip to Japan. Remember that your activities should coincide with your money in the bank. Though you don’t need to be specific about it, I made mine more detailed. Here is a sample of my Day 1. ( Paper size should be A4 )



Bank Certificate

Cost: PHP 100.00 / 2 copies

Must be valid within 3 months so if you applied for a visa on September, you can get one as early as June or July. BPI bank certificates shows the type of account, account number, currency, amount, ADB/YTD ( Average Daily Balance / Year to Date) and date opened.

There is no specific amount which the Embassy requires you to have in your bank account. Some say you can have as little as PHP 70,000.00 but I think the Embassy looks at the ADB on bank certificates because that would signify if you deposited a large amount of money in your account at one transaction only. Example: Your total amount is PHP 100,000 and your ABD is only PHP 4,000, that would raise questions. To make it short, the bigger the ADB, the safer you are. It would mean that you gradually saved for this trip and that you have a stable flow of income deposited to your bank.

Latest Income Tax Return ( Form 2316 or 1701)

A photocopy will do and you can ask this from your employer. For people who can’t provide one, here is what you need to do:

  • Secure a Certificate of Employment stating your position, annual salary, date on which you are allowed to take a leave and when you will resume work


  • Explanation Letter what might be the purpose of your request for a multiple entry tourist visa to Japan and the reason why you can’t provide an ITR or a COE



  •  Additional documents: Booked plane tickets, booked hotels, documents of any properties that you own in your country ( car ownership, house, land title, business etc.)

Identification Card ( photocopy)

Make sure it is colored and in good quality. Any ID cards issued by the government will do (PRC, Driver’s License etc.) 

Goodluck 🙂




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